Mobilise Against Sexism

Projeto Europeu liderado pelo Lobby Europeu das Mulheres

On 27th March 2019, the Committee of Ministers adopted Recommendation CM/Rec(2019)1 on preventing and combating sexism. It comprises a comprehensive catalogue of measures both to prevent and to condemn sexism, and it calls for specific action in such areas as: language and communications; internet and social media; media, advertising and other communication methods; workplace; public sector; justice sector; education institutions; culture and sport; private sphere. Countries are encouraged to pass legislation that condemns sexism and criminalises sexist hate speech. It also requires that countries monitor the implementation of anti-sexist policies at national level and report back periodically to the Council of Europe. The Campaign Sexism : See it. Name it. Stop it!, with tools available in different languages aims at raising awareness about the phenomenon and at eliminating it.

Recomendação CM/Rec(2019)1 PREVENIR E COMBATER O SEXISMO, adotada pelo Comité de Ministros do Conselho da Europa a 27 de março de 2019 – em português