Member Organizations of PpDM

This page is being updated (March 21, 2016)

–  Association of Women Against Violence (AMCV)
The Association of Women Against Violence is an independent, laic and non-profit nongovernmental organization (NGO) whose present mission is to question and to challenge the attitudes, beliefs and cultural patterns which perpetuate and legitimate violence against Women Children and Young People.

– Graal
In its more than 50 years of experience in mainstreaming and organizing initiatives, the Graal has strived to provide the Portuguese society, and particularly women, with conditions of recovery and continuing education leading to the development of skills of critical analysis and mobilization for transformative intervention.
In recent years, the Graal has promoted programs and projects aimed at equal opportunities between women and men, the reconciliation of work with other spheres of life, strengthening the role of women in leadership and decision making, the fight against all discrimination, education for living and multicultural citizenship, reflection on development and cooperation with African countries whose official language is Portuguese.

– The Portuguese Network of Young People for Gender Equality (REDE)
It is an NGO and an informal platform of youth associations, women’s rights NGOs, student unions, political parties’ youth groups, organizations which develop activities targeted at young people and non-organized youth.
The Portuguese Network of Young People for Gender Equality was created in 2000 in order to mobilize young women for equality, in the context of a European project coordinated by the European Women’s Lobby (EWL) and supported by the Portuguese, Greek and Swedish EWL co-ordinations, the Medium-Term Community Action Program on Equal Opportunities for Women and Men and the former Portuguese Ministry for Equality.

 Alliance for Parity Democracy (ADP)

– Associação de Mulheres Séc. XXI

– Association for the Development of Portuguese Gypsy Women (AMUCIP)

– Association for Women in Cape Verdean Diaspora in Portugal (AMCDP)

– Association Mén Non

– Portuguese Women’s Studies Association (APEM)
The Portuguese Association of Women’s Studies (EMPA) is a scientific and nonprofit organization, which aims to support, promote and foster the Women’s Studies / Gender Studies / Feminist Studies in all areas of knowledge.

– Coolabora
CooLabora is a cooperative of consulting and social intervention established in 2008. Its mission is to contribute to the development of individuals, organizations and the region through innovative strategies to promote equal opportunities, civic participation, education and training and social inclusion.

– Foundation for the Development and Vocational Training in Miranda do Corvo (ADFP)
Private Institution of Social Solidarity, non-profit, which provides social and cultural services in the county of Miranda and in the city of Coimbra, and additional cultural services in other town counties ( Penela, Lousã, Góis, Penacova and Coimbra) – with the service of a Mobile Library.

– EOS – Association of Studies, Cooperation and Development




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