De Viva Voz III: it has started!!

The Portuguese Platform for Women’s Rights is publicly launching the project De Viva Voz III: for transformative feminist action, which continues and deepens the De Viva Voz I and De Viva Voz II projects, consolidating an online public space for critical feminist reflection, amplifying the voices of women who research, speak out and act for women’s human rights, both inside and outside Portugal.

Based on concerns about insufficient progress in social equality between women and men and the continued marginalisation of women in public spaces of power, decision-making and expression, the De Viva Voz III project emerges as a dynamic tool focused on eliminating gender stereotypes, combating sexism and promoting substantive equality between men and women, supported by a platform of shared knowledge and experiences.

We want to strengthen the availability of multimedia resources that contribute to the empowerment of women from all groups and conditions and contribute to giving greater scientific sustainability to political decision-making and institutional action in the field of public policies for equality between women and men.

The De Viva Voz III project, which will run until June 2025, will create multimedia resources that articulate theoretical reflection, intervention and feminist activism for the empowerment of women, as provided for in Sustainable Development Goal 5. Ten webinars and ten podcasts will be produced on the current obstacles to women’s rights, based on the thinking of key figures in science and political action of (inter)national renown, which will be made available in Portuguese and English.

In the first quarter of 2024, the publication and distribution of a book on parity democracy as part of the project will strengthen the campaign in Portugal for parliaments with a more balanced participation of women and men and for a more feminist Europe.

Lastly, an International Congress in May 2025 will make it possible to widely disseminate the 66 digital resources produced over the three editions of the project.

Come and get to know the project!

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